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Existing plant or new construction? From consultations concerning your waste water towards Turn-key solutions – the range of our services is dictated by your imagination.


We offer so called “hassle-free“ solutions as well as deliveries “on behalf of” for the small budget.

Here is, what we do:

Consultancy and project development

Consultations are not a one-way road. The operator’s knowledge is always an essential part when identifying necessary actions. Long-time experience and extensive theoretical background on our side are combined into a valuable product.   
We offer our customers a joint process of decision–making for their specific waste water problem.

Inventory taking and documentary analysis of water flows

The first concept often is based on a comprehensive documentary audit (production process, plant design, lab analysis). It is important to understand where in a factory originate which waste water flow and how it can be treated.
We offer our customers to set-up a sample taking schedule to be performed by the operator itself or our staff.

Laboratory Analysis

Very often analysis are necessary common express tests cannot deliver or that don’t belong to the typical range of tests performed by an operator. Among them are, for example, biological degradation tests using the Zahns-Wellen method or the several analysis of sludge.
We offer our customers all kinds of quantitative and qualitative Analysis.

Test in own pilot-plants

Process modelling delivers information about the designed plant’s critical parameters and is being used when calculating volumes for activated sludge plants or expectations for gas production in an anaerobic plant. Test, carried out with pilot plants help to cut investment and running costs.
We offer our customers several pilot installations for looked after use.

New Process design and Optimisation of existing plants

Changing production or tightened effluent parameters require amendments in the treatment process. Very often already the optimisation of an existing process can provide the desired results.
We offer our customers to optimize already running plants.

Estimation of investment and operating costs

Competent consultation during the estimation of an investment contains not only the cost of erection, but also the, more important, running cost, together considered as life cycle cost.
We offer our customers the preparation of analysis, serving as evaluation instrument for investment decisions.


An important role in determing investment and running costs plays the so-called basic engineering. In close partnership with our customers we create one or more meaningful, mostly 3 dimensional drafts, considering local conditions.
We offer our customers to create several drafts representing the future plant.


When preparing the detail engineering we take care of local characteristics. Different climatic conditions are taken care about as well as differents local norms and standards.
We offer our customers the complete range of detail engineering.

Deliveries, Financing

Whatever you want. However you want. Being manufacturer independent we’re able to supply machinery and equipment that exactly suits your case. Should you wish to save on the sales margin, we can arrange deliveries „on behalf of“.
Large scale projects outside Germany can be realized with the support of our experienced partners providing financial solutions.
We offer our customers not only the engineering services but also the deliveriy of top quality equipment.

Installation supervision and Start-up

It’s essential that we accompany the assembling, if requested also for equipment not delivered by us. The Start-up is carried out by our qualified engineers and includes the training for the operators. Upon request we provide long term coaching.

We offer our customers professional supervising for mechanical and electrical equipment as well as the fastest possible Start-up.




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